Jun 10, 2010

Back Again

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been sticking to my plan of becoming a well known travel blogger. Even though it is June already, I'm finally sticking with one of my New Year Resolutions. That is to share my adventures and stories from the road with all of you.

To start, today is Day 1 of the work week. I am currently in the hotel room of the newly completed Holiday Inn Las Vegas (4055 Palos Verdes). The rooms are nice. One thing I don't understand about all the hotels we stay in, is why do we need the 50 inch TV? I mean don't get me wrong. I like a big TV. But on average its only about 3 feet away from the edge of the bed. And it is really just me watching it. The beds are nice and comfy. A downside to the beds here are that they are on a wooden base. The corner stick out about 2 inches, and so far I have managed to stub my shins into them three times. Rooms like this one, with the modern look, appeal to me. Its make me want to go to IKEA as soon as I get home.

Well, so far, the work week is off to a good start. The original plan, I should say the 1st plan, was to grab a rental car from San Diego Airport, stop at LAX to pick up the other pilot, then drive to our maintenance base / FBO at Camarillo Airport, just north of LA area. Luckily, I was dragging my feet this morning, so shortly after grabbing my coffee, the plan changed. That plan was to airline here, to Vegas. Which upon landing had a temperature of 93. As Adrian and I waited for the hotel shuttle, we noticed the 93 degrees actually wasn't bad. A cool (maybe 85 degrees) wind was blowing. 

I've also stuck to my commitment of getting a workout in before hitting the town or bed, which comes first. Work has been so busy that most of our days have been sitting on our cabooses soaking in the views from 30,000 feet. So with a hour bike ride down, and the heat outside starting to drop, I look forward to our walk around the town tonight. A tapas restaurant nearby was recommended by the front desk and so it is. The name of the place is Firefly. Hopefully we will enjoy some good food and live music. I will post some more pics shortly. If we are lucky maybe a video as well. 


  1. The Original Trip AdvisorJune 10, 2010 at 8:07 PM

    Your blogging like CNN, when you need to blog like Fox News.