Sep 11, 2009

The Beginning

Good morning from Maui. Finally made it after much traveling. Suprisingly well considering the distance and time changes. I flew from Florida, to Maine, to San Diego, to San Francisco, to Maui. Luckily, my longest flight (SFO - SAN) was upgraded to first class via a nice flight crew on United. Also my first ride on a Boeing 777. If only the Wright Brothers could see what they started from a bike with cloth wings to an airplane weighing over 500,000 lbs.. Todays agenda is to grab some coffee, wait for the sun to warm up outside, walk thru the local swap meet, find my surfboard, and spend as much time on the beach. This trip has already been off to a great start. The first friend I see within an hour of off the plane, was one I thought I would never get a hold of again. I couldn't believe it. It was ... amazing, and boosted my spirits so much. It felt like Liam's Journey has really begun!

Sep 5, 2009


Just got back from dinner. It was nothing fancy, we just ate in at the hotel. We meet downstairs to take the shuttle but the hotel said it would be about 30 minutes for a ride. Our decision to just eat in the hotel was prompt. So far work has been quiet. A few flights to and from D.C., ending up tonight in North Carolina. Today was also productive as we cleaned the plane and went shopping for supplies. It is always fun going to a target in uniform and watch people watching you. The "are those pilots" look from other shoppers is always fun. And trying to explain excatly why we are buying supplies for the plane to the cashier is funny. Most people only think of airline travel and why would the pilots be buying chips and waters for the plane. Well tomorrow is slow as well. he schedule so far is a short hop to another small north carolina town, and then to Cinncinati.

Sep 3, 2009

Finally hit the road. I recieved word first thing in the morning that I would be heading to New York. That changed 20 minutes later to Baltimore. Luckily I was able to have some coffee with the cousin. (L&H Confections - delicious cookies available at No flights scheduled so far. My airline flight, which this time was AirTran, was fun. The flight attendants were having a good time and I ended up getting a First Class seat. They didn't serve food but the big chairs are a life saver. Especially when you fly from one coast to the other. Now all I have left to do is trick my body into losing three hours so I can get some sleep. Time changes are probably the hardest part of being a pilot. Well goodnight, see you for coffee in the morning.

Sep 1, 2009

The Tres' Journey

I think I have everything ready for the upcoming weeks. I am still waiting to hear where I will be heading to for work this week. However, I do know where I will be heading when the work week is done. Maui. September will prove to be a busy month. Work one week, fly out to Maui for 5 days, one day off, then back to work. It will be exciting. No need to worry, this blog and a little thing called twitter, should allow me to keep you up to date, and showcase some pictures.

I don't believe I have picked up the uniform from the dry cleaners, better head out....

The Day Before Work

Ok, just finished the coffee. So usually how it works the day before is I stress in bed for about 5 minutes that I will forget to pack something. I can usually get rid of that idea pretty fast, cause so far I haven't forgot something. There really isn't that much to pack. A few uniform shirts, some undies and socks, a pair of jeans, etc...I digress.

Moving on, next is to make sure all the errands for the upcoming week are complete. Which reminds me to pick up my pants from the dry cleaners. I usually don't know where I am heading to until evening time, and even then I have woken up to find plans changed by morning. Im excited to start this work week, I get to share it with you.

How to enjoy this blog? Make a cup of coffee, one cream one sugar, and imagine yourself as a single 25 year old pilot trying to find himself, good friends, and a good cup of coffee no matter where you are.