Sep 11, 2009

The Beginning

Good morning from Maui. Finally made it after much traveling. Suprisingly well considering the distance and time changes. I flew from Florida, to Maine, to San Diego, to San Francisco, to Maui. Luckily, my longest flight (SFO - SAN) was upgraded to first class via a nice flight crew on United. Also my first ride on a Boeing 777. If only the Wright Brothers could see what they started from a bike with cloth wings to an airplane weighing over 500,000 lbs.. Todays agenda is to grab some coffee, wait for the sun to warm up outside, walk thru the local swap meet, find my surfboard, and spend as much time on the beach. This trip has already been off to a great start. The first friend I see within an hour of off the plane, was one I thought I would never get a hold of again. I couldn't believe it. It was ... amazing, and boosted my spirits so much. It felt like Liam's Journey has really begun!

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